Phantoms - a triple bill (2022)

Multi-award-winning Mark Bruce Company returns to theatres with a stunning Triple Bill of cinematic dance theatre.

Green Apples
Bruce's highly popular commanding work choreographed to music by The White Stripes. A visceral and immediate live experience as two dancers perform within the confines of a rope circle, creating a space of powerful physical intensity and magnetic energy.

Folk Tales
Characters from the myths of our past dance to the evocative music of Martin Simpson, including renditions of Beaulampkins, Soldier’s Joy and Betsy the Serving Maid among others. A collection of life affirming pieces; at once mysterious, fiery, and celebrational.

A stunning dance theatre tale of love, tragedy and revenge in a land where our phantoms roam free. Mark Bruce Company presents its trademark cinematic vision; a carousel of dream-like characters in a beautifully savage world falling into chaos, culminating in a surreal, classic showdown on the road. Phantoms features the creative team that brought you Dracula, Macbeth and Return to Heaven, and an originally composed score.

Thu 3 Feb – Sat 5 Feb 2022
The Merlin Theatre, Frome
01373 465 949

Tue 15 Feb 2022
Theatre Royal Winchester
01962 840 440

Thu 24 Feb - Sat 5 Mar 2022
Wilton’s Music Hall, London
020 7702 2789

Fri 18 Mar - Sat 19 Mar 2022
DanceEast, Ipswich
01473 295 230

Thu 24 Mar - Sat 26 Mar 2022
Salisbury Playhouse
01722 320 333

Announcing the dates for our 2022 tour.

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Photography: Mark Bruce

"Phantoms is dance theatre at its absolute best, a real coming together of every single element. If it doesn’t win awards, I will be very surprised."
Seeing Dance

★★★★ "All the hallmarks of Bruce’s signature style – his obsessions if you like – are on view. It is a good, solid, and occasionally inspired blend of rock ‘n’ roll pop culture, dark and surreal folk mythology and smooth, cinema-influenced theatricality a la David Lynch delivered by a handful of high-calibre dancers."
The Times

★★★★ "Mark Bruce has always been driven by music, feeding off it like a vulture in the desert – that’s the kind of imagery he might use, drawn to darkness, Americana and violent urges…Jonathan Goddard is a master at playing the haunted, hollow and insidious but he moves like an angel with unbelievable lightness…hugely atmospheric, bright footlights masking scene changes where characters materialise and disappear…."
The Guardian

★★★★ "No choreographer can probe our subconscious as effectively as Mark Bruce…and he does so in compelling theatrical manner, creating powerful imagery that stays with you for a long time. So it is with Phantoms…A succession of dark vignettes, some nightmarish, others simply intriguing, all suffused with a sense of menace, Phantoms is propelled by music composed and performed by Mark Bruce himself, his guitar playing as haunting as his deep baritone, at times reminiscent of Nick Cave. It is shaped by Bruce’s demanding, very physical, in-your-face choreography, brilliantly executed by his five-strong company…Phantoms is not a programme for the cold rational mind; rather, it invites you to invest your own imagination and offers ample rewards if you do."
Culture Whisper

"There is an atmosphere of danger, the menace of the horror movie and the American gangster land offering no obvious logic, but that is the nature of nightmare. Bruce has become a master at creating such dark worlds and evoking them through his own style of dance…the sweep of the choreography and the skill of the dancers hold the attention and make this work compelling."
British Theatre Guide

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