Return to Heaven (2020)

A journey beyond dreams and reality...

Two explorers searching the dark mysteries of the ancient world enter a land beyond time and death; where the demons and gods they awaken unleash the gods and legacies within themselves. Hounded by scientists and supernatural forces, a perilous journey ensues as the couple, trying desperately not to lose one another, must play their role in the resurrection of an ancient deity.

Drawing upon the mythology of Ancient Egypt, Return to Heaven is dance theatre at its most potent and ambitious - its narrative led by the subconscious; crossing lands, cultures and time to create a mythology and symbolism of its own. With influences of William Burroughs, old horror films and Victorian chillers, Return to Heaven presents visions of cursed tombs, jungles, science fiction nightmares and islands of paradise. Set to music ranging from Penderecki to Tchaikovsky, Mark Lanegan and Harry Belafonte, Return to Heaven is visceral and poignant, intricately choreographed and laced with dark humour.

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Photography: Nicole Guarino and Mark Bruce

Thu 30 Jan – Sat 1 Feb 2020
The Merlin Theatre, Frome
01373 465 949

Wed 5 Feb - Sat 8 Feb 2020
Tobacco Factory Theatres, Bristol
0117 902 0344

Wed 12 Feb 2020
Lighthouse, Poole
01202 280000

Fri 28 Feb - Sat 14 Mar 2020
Wilton’s Music Hall, London
020 7702 2789

Tue 17 Mar - Wed 18 Mar 2020
Theatre Royal Winchester
01962 840 440

Fri 27 Mar - Sat 28 Mar 2020
DanceEast, Ipswich
01473 295 230

Tue 28 Apr - Wed 29 Apr 2020
Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Canolfan y Celfyddydau
01970 623 232

★★★★★ "...all the while the six jaw-droppingly talented dancers perform wonders... They are all superb. The whole piece is written, choreographed and directed by Mark Bruce who must be one of the most entertainingly brave proponents of dance anywhere...a superb theatrical treat."
Stage Talk

★★★★ " of Bruce's most divisive and yet most striking pieces of work."
Broadway World

★★★★ "...the dancing by Eleanor Duval and Dane Hurst is superb. Weird but rather wonderful."
Financial Times

★★★ "...a challenging and highly entertaining show...Mark Bruce is one of Britain’s foremost creators of dance-theatre, his inventiveness seemingly inexhaustible..."
Culture Whisper

"...Mark Bruce presents with such grace and humility that makes Return to Heaven a theatrical gift. His light choreographic touch is excellent....a reflection of life’s turbulent ebb and flow from the vile to the humorous, the scary to the beautiful. Go see this if you can."

"Bruce’s choreography is even more dramatic in its impact and when it is matched to Belafonte’s songs becomes sheer delight, full of the joy of life."
British Theatre Guide

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