HS - 02 - Macbeth:Angel witches
HS - 03 - Odyssey:Lead
HS - 10 - Dracula:Brides
HS - 36 - Macbeth:MB poles
HS - 11 - Made In Heaven:Lead
HS - 04 - Odyssey:Laying
HS - 01 - Macbeth:Lead
HS - 08 - Dracula:Fangs
HS - 06 - Odyssey:Penelope and Circe
HS - 21 - Macbeth:MB crowned by witches
HS - 07 - Odyssey - Circe light above
HS - 33 - Macbeth:Banquo points
HS - 09 - Dracula:JH with candles
HS - 12 - MIH:Shark
HS - 35 - Macbeth:Jerry can
HS - 15 - L&W:Cheerleader
HS - 31 - Macbeth:Macduff by the pyre
HS - 17 - SOB:Nails
HS - 13 - MIH:Milkmaid
HS - 29 - Macbeth:MB final

...one of the most consistently thought-provoking choreographers working in Britain today. The Observer

On Choreography & Making Dance Theatre

Oberon has recently published Mark's new book "On Choreography & Making Dance Theatre".

On Choreography and Making Dance Theatre will be an invaluable insight into Bruce's approach, both artistic and practical, as he documents his process from the beginnings of ideas to the realisation of a full-length production. Bruce provides an explanation of the range of skills he believes are required, and all that needs to be considered in the creation of dance theatre.

Cover image by Nicole Guarino

ISBN: 9781783197774


Welcome to our new Executive Producer

The company would like to extend a warm welcome to our new executive producer Graziella Terracciano.

Graziella’s career began nearly two decades ago in Canada, where she worked to raise the profile for experimental flamenco outside of Spain. Relocating to the UK in 2008, Graziella’s eclectic portfolio has included producing, fundraising, project managing and marketing across a number of art forms, including dance, the visual arts, architecture and opera.

Organisations she has worked for include The Place, Calgary Opera, The Institute of Making and – most recently – Creative Youth Network in Bristol. Graziella holds a MA in Culture, Policy & Management from City University London.

We would like to express a huge thank you to our outgoing executive producer Eva Pepper for her fantastic work for the company.
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