HS - 02 - Macbeth:Angel witches
HS - 03 - Odyssey:Lead
HS - 10 - Dracula:Brides
HS - 36 - Macbeth:MB poles
HS - 11 - Made In Heaven:Lead
HS - 04 - Odyssey:Laying
HS - 01 - Macbeth:Lead
HS - 08 - Dracula:Fangs
HS - 06 - Odyssey:Penelope and Circe
HS - 21 - Macbeth:MB crowned by witches
HS - 07 - Odyssey - Circe light above
HS - 33 - Macbeth:Banquo points
HS - 09 - Dracula:JH with candles
HS - 12 - MIH:Shark
HS - 35 - Macbeth:Jerry can
HS - 15 - L&W:Cheerleader
HS - 31 - Macbeth:Macduff by the pyre
HS - 17 - SOB:Nails
HS - 13 - MIH:Milkmaid
HS - 29 - Macbeth:MB final

...one of the most consistently thought-provoking choreographers working in Britain today. The Observer

BlackBird/RedRose Studios

Mark Bruce Company is delighted to be moving into our own premises!

After a year of planning, we took possession of the keys to a fantastic large and versatile space in our home town of Frome, Somerset. Here we will be able to create and rehearse our theatrical and digital work, make and store set and costumes, expand our education programme and run the company. Within hours of signing the final paperwork we had already taken delivery of the first building supplies which will allow us to fit out the premises as a fully-equipped studio with supporting facilities. The sprung Harlequin floor will be the first addition followed by the construction of offices and green room.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made this move possible; we are looking forward excitedly to welcoming you to BlackBird/RedRose Studios!

Funding announcement

Four more years of regular Arts Council funding for Mark Bruce Company:

Mark Bruce Company is delighted to have been awarded four years of funding as part of Arts Council England's National Portfolio Organisations (NPO) 2018-22 programme. During the 2015-18 NPO period - the company's first - Mark Bruce Company produced The Odyssey, which toured to great acclaim throughout the UK, and will premiere a dance-theatre version of Shakespeare's Macbeth in January 2018.

The company's upcoming plans also include the move to a new company base in Frome and the return of its annual Summer School in 2018. Artistic director Mark Bruce says "NPO has allowed me to think, work, plan and develop as an artist, and for the company to be more ambitious. Continued NPO funding is excellent news for the company and our audiences, and we look forward to the next four years.”
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