Mark Bruce Company is now on tour with their new full-length production Return to Heaven.

A journey beyond dreams and reality...

Dance theatre at its most potent and ambitious, Return to Heaven crosses lands, cultures and time to create a mythology and symbolism of its own. Hounded by scientists and supernatural forces, and trying desperately not to lose one another, two explorers journey perilously through lands of unleashed demons and gods to play their role in the resurrection of an ancient deity.

With influences of William Burroughs, old horror films and Victorian chillers, Mark Bruce Company presents visions of cursed tombs, jungles, science fiction nightmares and islands of paradise. Set to music ranging from Penderecki to Lanegan, Return to Heaven is visceral and poignant, intricately choreographed and laced with dark humour.

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Tour dates

Mark's new full-length production Return to Heaven tours in 2020.